Be inspired to look while you walk…

Anyone can do this…this is easy! It just requires paying attention to the moment. The weather has not been conducive to walking of late. Certainly, where I live, the fields and single-track roads are a sloppy mess, the farmers are struggling, and the incessant rain (or in some cases snow) has made walking low priority, even at times, unpleasant.

However, this morning, as I walked my usual circuit with my dogs, I took it gently (me full of a cold, asthma playing up, dog limping) I noticed the vibrant stirrings of spring.  For a start, the sky was an uplifting blue. The trees are beginning to bud with fresh leaves, the spring flowers have announced their appearance in the banking, especially the primroses; the daffodils are trumpeting, and the sheep seem calm.

It’s also worth looking up – I saw a tree house!

And of course, listen – the blackbirds had a whole orchestra going this morning.  I came home refreshed and feeling just so much better. Try it.

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